The Sight 2016 is my introductory journey into the world of blogging. My aim is simple; I want to learn more about blogging, share my knowledge and experience, and sharpen my skills with the written word.

The majority of my career experience is in Health Care. I’ve had jobs ranging from a Certified Nurse’s Assistant, to a Direct Support Professional (supporting individuals with developmental disabilities), and even an Activities Assistant in a nursing home setting. From this experience, I’ve learned a lot about people. Providing people with care in a dignified way became my highest goal, and I was sorely disappointed when I found that not everyone shares my philosophy on the subject. What’s important in my line of work is documentation, which sometimes leaves a lot to be desired on how a person receiving care is being treated as an individual. Dissatisfaction in my work life is the result of my feelings conflicting with bureaucratic protocol.

Since most of my adult experience in the working world comes from Health Care, it is my intention to cover the topic in greater detail to express my concerns and offer potential solutions. However, outside of my career experiences, I am also interested in a variety of other topics. Some of my interests include video games, books, music, science, dog training, sociopolitical issues, psychology, television, movies, tarot cards, and archaeology.

Any and all of these topics (and more) are fair game for this blog. Basically, this will serve as a filter for the thoughts that pour through my mind throughout the week. As previously stated, my goal here is to experiment with blogging and use my experience in a way that can, hopefully, relate to other people. I sincerely thank you for taking time out of your day to contribute to my journey.


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